The INCLUDE project (Project Number: 101050474) is a comprehensive initiative that combines research, practical application, and the creation of learning materials to instruct and support sports academy administrators, staff members, and coaches who deal with young athletes.

The project intends to improve the authorities, coaches, and support staff at youth academies' awareness and comprehension of the problems with bullying, diversity, integration, and other types of violence. The project will offer strategies and ways for identifying and addressing deviant behaviors, episodes of discrimination, and violence by or towards their young athletes. It will be presented to sports professionals, coaches, and stakeholders in the field of youth sports. Additionally, it will increase public awareness of racism in sports, its harmful impacts on kids, and the necessity of taking action to advance social inclusion, diversity, and equal chances in the industry.

The project's specific objectives are to study, analyse, and document the needs, challenges, and effective approaches and practices observed 'on the ground' regarding inclusion and tackling discrimination in the implementing countries and across the EU.

It will also strengthen the cooperation between institutions and organisations active in the field of sport and support the sharing of good practices in combatting violence and tackling discrimination.

The INCLUDE project offers learners an interactive learning experience through the use of innovative and engaging approaches and tools, including gamified features. The project partners are CARDET (Cyprus), Institute of Development “N. Charalambous” (Cyprus), European Network of Sport Education (Austria), CESIE (Italy), The Rural Hub (Ireland), KMOP – Social Action & Innovation Centre (Greece).

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